Threes And Will: Caxias

Creator of brilliant genre mixing flair since 2014, and coming with a strongly unconventional underground spirit, Estonia's Threes and Will is a one man project which brings together elements from doom and sludge metal, noise rock, drone and psychedelia, all rendered to something that works almost like a neuroleptic.

Caxias is the project's latest offering, a three-song release which makes the most out of its beautiful, immersive monotony, the charming cacophony of its production, its minimalist compositional character, and the commendable off-kilter spirit that runs through it; the same ethos that also characterizes the previous releases of Three and Will.

Two of the three songs of Caxias are extensive, and go beyond the ten-minute mark, being heavy and hypnotic from the first moment to the last. Between them, the title track is the release's heavy doom centerpiece which compacts the whole solemnity of the album's essence to a friendlier, five-minute size.


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