FERAL: Fat Cop

Dutch punks, Feral, follow the self-titled track from their upcoming debut EP, Crash & Burn, with the ferocious Fat Cop, a radical piece of boundless energy and rawness, which challenges authority through both its lyrical content and in-your-face punk spirit, and even dares to bring in a nicely altered passage from the Inner Circle song which has been made famous through the Cops TV show.

All the way biting, with its heaviness and fuzziness as the focal points, the new song is an all around killer punk rocker coming from a very fresh and lively act, and it comes with an aesthetically strong video created by Mikhail L. Kuznetsov.

"The title is clearly a statement of intent," the band comment on their coming EP, Crash & Burn. "The main attribute is Distortion (yes, capital D) with a touch of overdrive and topped off with a lot of fuzz (and a bit more Distortion?)"


Video directed by Mikhail L. Kuznetsov

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