The Moonjacks: Bowls

After the warm reception of their EP Bummer from last year, Californian trio, The Moonjacks, have signed to Pacific Records and return with another piece of garage punk straightforwardness.

Bowls will be part of the upcoming, yet to be titled full length which The Moonjacks have in the works. The main ingredients for the two and a half-minute song are once more coming from the garage rock and pop punk boldness found in the band's creative approach and their delivery, mingled with a surf rock essence, as it all becomes smoothly unified through their DIY ethos.

Bowls is a fun and stirring song, cut from the same cloth as the contents of the trio's previous self-released outings. The track lends even more weight to the durability of that well grounded garage rock sound which The Moonjacks inherently roll out, and although it doesn't reinvent anything, it can be much of an enjoyable listen.

The Moonjacks are Gabriel Torres Ureno, Christian 'Dank' Miller, and Christian Joel Canales.


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