The Mall: An Answer

St. Louis-based artist, Mark Plant writes, records, produces and performs under the simple moniker The Mall, and gives rise to an underground synhpop act with an unreserved punk character, and a lot of ideas manifested in its debut album, Zone. It is a very much concise seven-song release, drawing from a series of diverse elements to devise something really gritty and totally seamless.

The album's opening cut, An Answer, is typical of the whole idiosyncrasy that is The Mall, and also of the minimal instrumentation and the act's really good synth work. Moreover, the reverberating, rough and almost indistinct vocals maximize the impact of the weirdly deformed pop melodies that make the foundation Plant's songwriting, much like what happens with the rest of the album which oftentimes comes leaning more toward synthpunk and elsewhere feels more gothic inclined and atmospheric.

Zone is a work full of lo-fi post punk qualities and a commendable DIY ethos, and as uncommon as it may sound, it can be very easy to appreciate with an open mind.


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