Radio Riot Right Now: Frattaglie

Radio Riot Right Now are a topnotch post hardcore act from Vicenza, Italy, who self-released an album in 2004 and put out a split EP with The Rituals a year later. The band was also very active during the period from 2000 to 2007, and made a great impression through their dynamic live presence.

Their album Hurts was recorded in 2006 and it was never released due to the band's indefinite hiatus which is ongoing. It finally sees the light of day as a digital release, and comes forth aligned to the more metallic-tinged post hardcore of bands like Breach, Refused and Will Haven.

The raging energy of Frattaglie is a pristine validation of the band's charge and force, and without sounding dated it emerges like an obvious remnant from a different time, discernibly having its roots in a very strong period for post hardcore.

From the band's roster more great things arose. with vocalist Silva Cantele doing well under his folk rock moniker Phill Reynolds, guitarist and recording engineer Maurizio Baggio moving on to produce records for The Soft Moon, The Merchandise and many more, and drummer Mattia Bardin joining the ranks of punk band La Piovra.

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