REPAIRS: Last Chances

New Zealand punk rockers, REPAIRS, return with their third single, Last Chances which is also the first piece revealed off the band's debut album due out later in 2020.

Last Chances shuffles between post hardcore, emo punk and post punk boldness, with the pop sensibilities of the trio's songwriting present and ornate. The song conveys the impression of something very much direct through its snappy structure and sound, interestingly contrasting with the bitterness expressed in its lyrics.

Moderately unadorned in connection to the instrumentals, the song is built on a major key bass line courtesy of Nicola Edwards who is also responsible for the very much expressive and driven vocals, in an overall emotional and plainspoken total.

"Ever feel like you’ve been cheated?" the band ask. "Most of us are all too familiar with that feeling, repeating the same behaviours and getting the same results, always left disappointed."


Photo courtesy of REPAIRS

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