Misty Moon: Nu-Moon

Where twee pop meets with synthpop, dreampop and all other kinds of elegant pop, Finland's Misty Moon, a collaborative project between partners Olli Aarni and Mia Tarkela, emerges with a charming self-titled debut album full of lo-fi charm.

Olli Aarni already has a big body of work behind him composed of over forty solo and collaborative releases, while Mia Tarkela, apartfrom a sweetly voiced singer, is also a very talented illustrator. The duo's first album will be a co-release between Cudighi Records and Ultraääni, and it comes out on May 22nd, 2020.

Despite its fine fragility, Nu-Moon is a solid introductory piece, finely representative of the sweet wistfulness in the band's delivery and the candidness of their writing. Founded on delicate synths and soft vocals, the song never ceases to grasp the listener's regard, as its whole wealth of vulnerability results in something fantastically bewildering. The track is a mesmerizing piece of lustrous dreampop, equivalent to a hypothetical merging between the different kinds of melancholy that Pure Bathing Culture and múm emit.

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