Bad Flamingo: Dandy Little Day

In some measure twangier and bluesier than before, Bad Flamingo, return with another single, an unadorned and homely western Americana piece which keeps pace with their recent material. Dandy Little Day maintains the same style of minimal instrumentation in which the duo has previously indulged, mingled with vocal warmth and gentleness. The song is another traditional-bent country piece of work which makes the three-minute format work rather charmingly, and feels pretty much aberrant and out of the ordinary compared to most of its nethermost peers which comprise today's modern Americana class.

The two musicians that constitute Bad Flamingo keep that air of mystery breezing and unconfined, not only through their masked presence, but also via the ingenuity and slyness of their compositions. In all its plainness, Dandy Little Day benefits from its traditional likableness, while it keeps the indie mindset very much alive.


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