D//E Guest Post: The Vacant Lots: Interzone Playlist

This is a playlist composed of the songs that inspired The Vacant Lots new album, INTERZONE.

For us, The Idiot is like the Holy Grail along with Joy Division/New Order and Albert Ayler. I also lifted the Albert Ayler track for our song Bells we released last year. I spent countless hours listening to Gene Clark's No Other and Gram Parsons both in the desert and at home in Brooklyn, which is where we made Interzone. I always listen to our albums out in Joshua Tree to make sure they are bulletproof, that's like the ultimate reference test for me. We discovered Maurizio Baggio and wanted to work with him because we loved the way the Soft Moon and Boy Harsher records sound. I think Sextile and Panther Modern are great modern bands. Sharon Van Etten is a friend of mine who I find inspiring, last time I saw her she baked me cookies. Ultra Vivid Scene is one of those cult bands not everyone knows, but the ones that do love them.


A lot of these tracks do a nice job of skating the line between pop sensibility and left-field wackiness. The intersection of those two worlds is where I find the music that speaks to me most. Unusual production, instrumentation and presentation through the lens of radio vitality is where the magic happens.



Iggy Pop - Mass Production
Boy Harsher - Country Girl
The Soft Moon - Far
Gene Clark - No Other
Gram Parsons - Dark End of The Street
New Order - Chosen Time
Bryan Ferry - Casanova
Parade Ground - Moans
Sharon Van Etten - Your Love is Killing Me
Panther Modern  - Creep
Sextile - Disco
Ultra Vivid Scene - She Screamed
Joy Division - Isolation
Albert Ayler  - Bells

INTERZONE is out June 26th, 2020 on Fuzz Club.


Playlist and INTERZONE cover artwork by Ivan Liechti 
Band photo by Luz Gallardo

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