Youth Code: Puzzle

Four whole years after the really great, Commitment to Complications, industrial duo, Youth Code, reveal new single Puzzle, their first piece of new music since the aforementioned 2016 album.

The new song is utterly characteristic of the intensity and rawness of Sara Taylor and Ryan George's act, all dark and relentless, whetting the appetite for more new material.

At the same time through the meritorious ISOLATE/CREATE platform, the band offer the stems to the song to anyone who'd like to create something new our of it while stuck in quarantine.

"Puzzle is a song written with the mindset of what happens when everything is ruined and defeat is the ever racing thought that paces the mind," the band state. "Given the current climate, artistic individuals being forced to take pause whatsoever can be very difficult and harrowing. Hopefully with continuing creativity and furthering new breath into these tracks, we will have given way to inspiration for all and added just a little more gasoline to our internal burning fires. The song is 125 BPM and produced by us and J Clark. We are extremely excited to hear what this song turns into in the hands of others."

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