Human Impact: Contact

Fresh from the release of their remarkable self titled debut full length, Human Impact come forth with Contact, a topical standalone single which was conceived and recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak. For the creation of the song's accompanying video the experienced band reached out to their fans with a plain question; "What does this new reality look like for you?"

The result is a collection of fan-made footage depicting the effect that the pandemic has had on people's daily lives in different parts of the world.

The band state: "We'd like to write songs about humankind living in harmony and balance with the world, about governments and corporations being of and for the people. But those songs would be narcotic lullabies spitting in the wind of what's real. We wish this song were wrong. Contact was written, recorded and mixed just before the global COVID-19 pandemic hit. Originally written as a response to a feeling of international vulnerability to the spread of disease via air travel, the song's lyrics proved to be an uneasy and uncanny prediction, foreshadowing our current quarantined reality."

Proceeds from the song to be donated to the NYC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, while the band ask their audience to consider donating to this or their local charities as well.

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NYC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

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