Wild Signals: All Odds

Wild Signals are a consistently rising shoegaze band from Los Angeles, whose latest single, All Odds, themed on distress and mentioning the end of days in its lyrics, not only coordinates with most the world's mentality at this certain moment in time and feels incredibly topical, but also presents the band at their most abuzz and expressive yet.

Nervier and more post punk-defined than their previous material, Wild Signals' new track swarms with beautiful simplicity and clarity, as the emphatic vocals and the razor sharp guitars cohere without fault, ultimately developing to something transfixing that becomes even more augmented by a strong and astute production.

Wild Signals are Nicole Ridgely (guitar, vocals, lyrics), Noël Brydebell (guitar, vocals), Ben Keysaer (bass) and Josh Renkow (drums). All Odds is the quartet's first release since Start at the End EP from early 2019.

Cover art by Salma Bustos

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