still motions: Mirrors

Phoenix, AZ post rockers, still motion, will be releasing their debut album, Mirrors, on May 1st, 2020 through POST. Recordings and Araki Records, which they have previously introduced with a pair of noteworthy singles. The titular album closer is the third specimen off the coming album, and an overall steady piece of post rock moodiness and boldness that brings the band's debut to an electrifying conclusion.

Mirrors pairs well with the slow building tension of acts like This Will Destroy You and Caspian, purely instrumental and coming through rather longing, eloquent and open to interpretation. At six and a half minutes the song leaves room for its contrasting sentiments to grow and evolve without overindulging in the genre's platitudes, at the same time presenting a hopeful and very likely to thrive fresh band.

still motion are Thomas Brenneman (guitar), Chris Estes (guitar). Gigi Zimmer (bass) and Chris Julian (drums).


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