Wax Heart Sodality: Hoodwinked

Still pretty dark but more psychedelic bent than their previous single, Alphas, British four-piece, Wax Heart Sodality reveal Hoodwinked, their second single which once again comes produced by friend of the band and singer/guitarist for Mouses, Steven Bardgett.

Evoking the agelessness of classic psych rock, the gloom of post punk and the frankness of the blues, the band's new song becomes a solid sophomore release which keeps up with the their provocative spirit, primarily through the very well crafted lyrics. Hoodwinked makes a valid and very much sophisticated argument, aimed at the deceived and those who don't ruminate on what contributes to the formation of their opinions and ideas, while musically it fascinates, presenting WHS's potency and aptitude for the second time in a row.


Cover art by Paul Burgess

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