Wax Heart Sodality: Alphas

With a dynamic gothic rocker for a debut single, newfound British quartet, Wax Heart Sodality, emerge putting forth their enigmatic presence while sounding pretty confident, straightforward and effective. The memorable Alphas was recorded by Steven Bardgett from lo-fi garage rockers, Mouses, and instantly feels like a solid breakthrough for the hopeful band.

The band in a noteworthy manner justify the track's title and content: "The song is set within an abstract scenario of being caught up in a spat between the uber-conservative alpha male of our childhoods and a personification of the ultra-informed upcoming ‘generation alpha’. It takes a nonchalant tone of togetherness as the song’s protagonist voices his frustrations about both sides."

Between the gothic rock tension of The Sisters of Mercy, the post punk murkiness of Bauhaus, and the raw grit of Danzig, Wax Heart Sodality's sound surfaces old fashioned, yet crisp, and certainly full of promise.

Artist photo Mark Blizard

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