Public Body: Naughty On My Bike

Brighton's Public Body arrive on the post punk scene as a very fresh and propitious act with a sharp sound reminiscent of the early Wire, through smart and observational lyricism which places them as the genre's more pragmatic and politically aware facet.

Through the band's own mission statement they reveal that their intent is to "write the perfect soundtrack to whatever you do whilst procrastinating at your day job," yet, their new single, Naughty On My Bike, seems to be going a bit deeper than that.

The new song tackles the subject of UK's public transportation and its flaws, putting forth the quartet's experienced-based writing, and sounding notably perceptive.

"It's a song dedicated to the humble bicycle," guitarist Theo Verney says. "Naughty On My Bike openly criticizes the public transport system as being over priced and sluggish. Walking, being the green option, is slower still. In cycling we find balance between speed and convenience."

Cover art by Ideals For Doing

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