Glaare: Mirrors

Deftly mixing dreampop with post punk and darkwave, the very much prolific LA group, Glaare, follow their latest full length, To Deaf and A Day from 2017 with a remarkable new song and video. New track Mirrors is the leading single off the band's upcoming album, Your Hellbound Heart, set for release this summer on Weyrd Son Records.

"We went to a fairly literal interpretation in making Mirrors’ visual companion rather than obscuring some far-flung overly complicated story," the band share in a statement. "We got lucky in using some footage shot with Iphi, (Foie Gras) that helped drive the narrative of duality in facing your Mirror, or someone that you may identify with in a toxic relationship. There’s a mirror that everyone has that’s trapped behind glass. Or even a room full of mirrors and light balls."

Three years after a very strong debut, Glaare's return feels robust, as the fresh track and video seem to be prominent indicators of more excellence about to be unveiled.

Glaare are Rachael Pierce, Brandon Pierce, Marisa Prietto and Rex Elle.

Video directed, edited and designed by Brandon Pierce

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