June Swoon: Play Something I Know

LA-based lo-fi rocker, June Swoon, follows her very promising 2019 debut full length, This Town Could Be Big Enough for the Both of Us, with a bright, feelgood track that combines the artist's songwriting knack for balmy power pop, a confrontational punk rock spirit, contemporary Americana attributes, and playful lyricism.

June Swoon describes to D//E the new song's intent and the inspiration behind it: “This song was inspired in 2016 when Donald Trump won the election and everything went upside-down. I was struggling to cope with the dangerous absurdity of having a reality TV persona for president. The odd time signature and lyrics that run into each other help illustrate that Alice in Wonderland feeling. I finished Play Something I Know in 2019 during a new election cycle with a spirit of 'Not me, us.' It’s taken on a new personal meaning for me during this pandemic— I miss being at shows and screaming along with a roomful of people feeling the same exact way. This song has that show energy, and like all good punk songs, it gives a voice to our discontent. I hope it feels good to listen and sing along to at home, even though we can’t all be together at a show.

Despite its political charge, the song flows very easily and appears graspable, and fit to be appreciated even by non-specialist audiences. It dwells where lo-fi rock charm goes slap into pop sensibility, all enjoyably fuzzy and loud.

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