Death Hags: OFF/ON (Don't Give In To Fear)

Rock 'n' roll label, Burger Records, has done wonderful work putting together a massive seven-volume compilation of new songs by an impressive number of 140 different artists. These tracks were written and recorded over the past three weeks by musicians in quarantine, and they are aptly published together with the title QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self-Isolation. It's the label's admirable way to assist artists in increasing their income with their music in a time when they're unable to play live, as all funds go directly to them, while the publishing and selling fees are covered by the label.

On a hopeful and upbeat note, the contribution by Death Hags is the very melodious electro garage rocker, OFF/ON (Don't Give In To Fear), recorded in the artist's bedroom in Los Angeles during the lockdown. It's an easy going, feelgood tune full of optimism, and it comes with a fun clip starring the artist herself alongside a few adorable pets.

"I wrote this song to make myself feel better, hope it will make you feel better too," Lola G. aka Death Hags remarks.


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