GR^VE: Safe

Following the very much moody and imposing debut that was their previous single, Resign YourFate, upcoming duo GR^VE return with another impressive piece, this time taking another, more shoegaze-bent direction.

Safe is a very much impassioned track, a captivating listen which makes for an exciting antithesis to the dimness of the band's debut, as the song owes its warmth to the airiness of Seraph's vocals, together with the intricacy and resonance of Carbon's superb production.

"We wrote many of these songs, including Safe months before the Covid-19 pandemic and in fact had to abandon the film we were working on to accompany it because of the Quarantine," lyricist, vocalist and visualist, Seraph comments on the song and video's themes. "In doing so we ended up creating something entirely different but also something that we are very proud of and hope that it resonates with people who are also finding home to be a place of comfort and safety."

Displaying the range and depth of GR^VE's sound, both of the band's releases thus far are out as a split single on which Safe is presented in two versions; a Radio Edit and a Film Mix.

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