Fu Manchu: Time Is Going On

Stoner rock legends, Fu Manchu, celebrate the band's 30th anniversary with a triplet of EPs, the first of which, Fu30, Pt.1, has just been released through At the Dojo Records, including two original compositions, alongside a fun cover of The Doobie Brothers' 1976 hit, Takin' It To The Streets.

"Time Is Going On was the first new song we wrote for this year," Fu Manchu vocalist Scott Hill stated about the EPs opener. "We wanted to make a straightforward / single note riff type song with a heavy chorus. We added a drum fill heavy intro with a big flanger that would lead into a more smooth main verse riff. Cowbell is always lurking around so it fit nicely into this one. The lyrics are about not wasting time and moving forward if you have a plan in motion, and that time does not wait for anyone."

Cover art by weirdbeard72


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