Casual Drag: Bleach Head

Edinburgh-based garage punks, Casual Drag, offer a dynamic, straightforward sound based on the the ferocity in the band's delivery, and a compact style of songwriting that's close to punk rock's enduring values. Up to this point this combination has resulted to a series of singles marked by a lot of loudness and unrelenting energy.

In its precisely three-minute compactness, Casual Drag's ten-month old debut single, Bleach Head, is one of the most impressive of the trio's outings thus far, overflowing with dark punk DIY ethos and drive, and setting the band underway to a perfect and very much auspicious start.

Followed by the equally compelling Isolation Island and Johnny, Casual Drag's first single has all the hallmarks of garage punk genuineness, while comparisons to classic greats like The Gun Club, Wipers and The Birthday Party can be rather justifiable.

Causal Drag are Christian Werner (drums), Dominic MacInnes (bass) and Richard Clarke (guitar, vocals).

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