WRECK: Toyboy

British garage rock 'n' roll trio, WRECK, emerge rather forcefully with an explosive new single. Toyboy is a sharp cut which carries the immaculate production of Tarek Musa from Spring King, also known for his work with bands such as Circa Waves, The Big Moon and more.

Toyboy is principally a gritty blues rocker stuck in two gears. Its mercilessly fast side comes completely untamed and redolent of UK punk's drive and bratty ethos, while its steadier, laggier and more measured part burns much more slowly, bearing comparison to the timeless qualities and backbone of the blues. It all results to a highly energetic and captivating garage rock tune that puts WRECK on the genre's map for good, and sets them forth to a strong start.

Toyboy is part of the young band's upcoming four-track EP; Satisfied?, scheduled to come out early April 2020.


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