Tourists: Smokescreen

Introduced in Fall 2019 with a first single, the long in the making debut album by Torquay indie rockers, Tourists, is titled Another State, and it is shaping up as a bold first full length effort for the band, as established by the previously revealed, Align, and the just released Smokescreen.

Working both as a smart commentary on modern society's consumerism and something that showcases more of the quintet's darker and nervier post punk-inclined aspect, Smokescreen draws inspiration from a TED talk by writer and journalist Graham Hancock which has been banned, titled The War on Consciousness. Hancock's work analyzed the false virtues of drugs laws, described by the band as "the repression of our rights to a meaningful experience that gives us an alternative perspective on our lives and our true meaning."

A resolute new step in Tourist's creativity who've been in search of the impeccable sound for them for the whole of their absence during the last few years, Smokescreen, is also one of the band's strongest offerings to date.

Mixed by Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs, DIIV, Here We Go Magic), Another State is expected to come out late 2020.


Cover art by Owen Tozer

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