Beverly Kills: Seven Sisters

With each new single Swedish band, Beverly Kills, have kept their strong momentum going and built a fine reputation as one of the freshest and most auspicious new acts for post punk, sounding both accessible and enigmatic at the same time.

The Gothenburg band's newest single, Seven Sisters, presents exactly that kind of dichotomy between openness and intrigue. The song pulls influence from the ageless story of The Little Mermaid, Ariel, and becomes a modern representation of its tragic narrative.

"It originated after a trip to Copenhagen, where we saw the statue of The Little Mermaid," the group explain. "We started writing the first half of the song a couple of days later, and its working title spontaneously became Ariel. Alma started writing the lyrics based around her and found inspiration in Ariel’s desperation to break free and to find love at whatever cost necessary. In the original fairy tale, she sacrifices everything she has for a romantic interest but eventually fails, which the lyrics mainly revolve around. It’s certainly a tragic love story, but even though it’s almost 200 years old, its theme remains timeless."

Beverly Kills are Alma Westerlund, Viggo Mattsson, John Jonsén and Hampus Höggrenwill. Their anticipated debut EP, Elegance in a State of Crisis, will be out on April 17th, 2020 on Welfare Sounds & Records.

Artist photo by Jakob Ekvall

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