Ring Them Bells: Favorite Gun

Favorite Gun is the second track unveiled off the coming album by Danish psychedelic alternative rockers, Ring Them Bells, following the impressive first offering, Ringo. The full length, Things That Come Slow, is due out in its entirety in April 2020.

"Quite simply a dirty, fast rock 'n' roll song with a killer song and a breezy Bonnie & Clyde-like tale," the band describe the new single themselves. Favorite Gun is a three minute classic rocker that stands between the garage rocking fuzz of the dirtier side of The Rolling Stones, the more acidic alternative rock sound of Primal Scream and the influential luridness of The Stone Roses, all rounded off by a elaborately distorted style of production courtesy of Marcus Brother Forsgren (Jaga Jazzist, Serena Maneesh) and Nikolaj Nielsen (Mew, Gents, Agnes Obel) who produced the album in studio N29.

"The noise has not been tamed, but it has been given a direction so the songs emerge more clearly," singer Johannes Nidam explains. "There has always been some chaos in our sound, but I think we use that chaotic energy more efficiently with our new songs."


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