Greg Puciato: Fire For Water

Greg Puciato, known for his contribution in such diverse projects as The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Queen and Killer Be Killed, also author of a very interesting book which chronicles the last days of The DEP, as well as founder of his own imprint, Federal Prisoner, hasn't been busy enough with all the above, and worked on more material, this time under his own name, scheduled to comprise his debut solo album, Child Soldier: Creator of God, and come out this Summer.

"I started writing in May or so of 2019, for what I thought would be the next Black Queen album, except that’s not at all what came out, " Puciato explains. "So, just like with everything else that’s been born from necessity, it felt like the right time to create a home for anything that I do that didn’t fit neatly under any other existing roof. The misfits needed a place to go."

Fire For Water is the first track revealed off the coming LP, showing a different side of Puciatio's creativity that's more dark industrial bent, and equivalent to acts like Nine Inch Nails and Author & Punisher. The song comes with correspondingly dark and bizarre visuals on which Puciato collaborated with artists Jesse Draxler and Rizz.

"This particular song came out really quickly," Puciato comments further. "I guess it’s me reclaiming and owning the abrasive part of me. This whole album is, in a way, a very extreme statement of ownership."

Fire For Water was produced by Nick Rowe and mixed by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Cure).

Video directed and edited by Greg Puciato and Jesse Draxler, with additional editing by Rizz.

Artist photo by Stephen Odom

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