Erik Holger: Born Again

Swedish musician Erik Holger emerges impressively with a splendid debut piece founded on lo-fi psychedelia and electro rock suaveness, well defined and arranged like a traditional pop piece, yet overflowing with eccentricity. Born Again feels accessible while it sticks out a mile for its peculiarity, both musically and visually.

"I made a song in 2019 that I was pretty happy with, and then I kind of changed everything in it, so I guess that suits the name since the song was born again," says the artist about the single.

Erik cut his teeth on a few different bands from a very young age and earned much experience which helped shape his personal sound and style. Although it follows a pure experimental DIY ethos being solely home produced, Erik Holger's solo project blossoms way fancier and richer than many of its strait-laced peers.

Born Again is out now on Feverish.

Artist photo by Henrik Lennartsson

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