Isolated Youth: ICT (Instalment Credit Transaction)

Since their formation in 2017 Swedish post punk quartet, Isolated Youth, have been gaining a lot of traction for their live presence, as well as the release of their debut EP Warfare from last year. The band has just put out their sophomore EP, Iris, through Fabrika Records, continuing their rising slope with a sound that appears both encomiastic of the genre's background and genuine.

Overemphasizing the cold and melancholic aspects of post punk, Isolated Youth's punch relies on the impact of their otherworldly vocals combined with a group of astute instrumentals made of sharp-edged guitars and a mood-setting rhythm section. Off their new five-song release comes ICT (Instalment Credit Transaction) which markedly represents the iciness and bleakness of the band's songwriting, as well as the artistic progression they display on the new EP.

Isolated Youth were formed by brothers William and Axel MĂ„rdberg, alongside Egon Westberg Larsson and Andreas Geidemark.

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