Taciturn: Playing God

Worthy successors to legendary scene with rich history and influence, fresh DC punk act, Taciturn, released their debut album, aptly titled Punk Death, in 2019, wielding the most grit imaginable out of their raw, hard-hitting and abrasive fusion of properties from many different sides and subgenres of punk.

Although the band cite “nothing” as their source of inspiration, their rough sound certainly feels cultivated, and suggestive of some very dirty, yet, artful facets of underground music’s last forty years, including the no wave scene, everything DC punk, as well as British post punk.

Playing God is a caustic noise rocker off the band’s full length, a five-minute smasher with an existential character, carrier of the intrinsic quality in Taciturn’s songwriting, and expressive of the heart and soul in their performance.


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