Gavran: Uska

Gavran is a new sludge/post metal act from Rotterdam, Netherlands, whose expansive and moody sound is founded on the genre’s weightiest side, but also includes well implemented elements from hardcore punk.

The band’s debut single, Uska, was just released, and it sounds like an impressive display of the trio’s steadfastness, and their competency on building up tension, and combining melodiousness with extreme force. The song comes with a similarly gloomy visual filmed and edited by the band’s own, Jamie Kobić.

This song is about wanting to be free but not be able to be free,” the band comment on the track. “This could be because of our society who has these expectations of finding a good job etc. But it could also be interpreted as not being able to be free of your own mind.

Gavran are Jamie Kobić (drums, vocals), Freek van Rooyen (guitar) and Ritsaart Vetter (bass).

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