Strawberry Generation: When You Were Here And I Was Sad

With an international roster of members coming from Singapore, Belgium, and the US, dreampop band, Strawberry Generation, have just released their debut album, Afloat, on Sunday Records. The album was written and recorded in Providence, and mixed and produced in Singapore with members of Sobs and Cosmic Child.

Although Strawberry Generation started as a duo composed of Luk Yean (guitar, vocals) and Valerie Zhu (vocals, saxophone), they have steadily developed into a fully fledged band with the addition of Dan Davis (guitar), Max Naftol (bass) and Alejandro Subiotto Marqués (drums).

The balmy and sweetly melancholic, When You Were Here And I Was Sad, is an exemplary three-minute jangly dreampop tune constructed on fuzzy guitars, soft vocals and full of warm quirkiness, in a sense justifying the band’s name which derives from a Chinese expression that pocks fun at today’s youth and its frailness.

Photo by Lilly Nguyen

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