Friendship Commanders: The Enemy I Know

The Enemy I Know is the first single and opening track off the upcoming EP by Nashville heavy rock duo, Friendship Commanders. Hold On To Yourself arrives in its entirety on April 3rd, 2020 through Trimming The Shield Records.

Friendship Commanders are vocalist/guitarist Buick Audra, and drummer/bassist Jerry Roe. Their new EP follows their latest full length, Bill, from 2018 which they recorded with Steve Albini. This time around the band aim for a sharper, more studio-developed sound that differs from the rawness of their earlier material, and enlist the great Kurt Ballou (Converge) to help them achieve their vision for their new work.

"This has been especially true during times of dealing with unsafe family members, abusers, or unwell people," Buick Audra says about the EP’s title and intent, as a survivor of abuse herself. "With a past of self-abandonment, holding on to myself has to be a focus in everything I do. It's a good reminder and I always need it. It just seemed like the right set of words for this record."

The Enemy I Know is a dynamic and hearty rocker and a bold introduction to the bravery and heaviness in the duo’s new set of songs.

"Our culture tends to diminish survivors' voices instead of amplifying them," Audra comments. "But I want to be loud about it. Survival isn't neat. Neither is being abandoned or gaslighted about what happened. Truth is not the enemy. It’s just truth."

Cover art by Buick Audra
Band photo by Jamie Goodsell

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