Allergic To Humans: Uggly Things

With a very relatable moniker, Swedish trio, Allergic To Humans will be soon releasing their debut album, Infinity Crunch, through the trustworthy independent label, Novoton Records. Recorded with producer J├Ârgen ’Jugglo’ Wall at Kapsylen studio, it will be the follow up to their well received first EP, and it's expected to keep the band's momentum going.

The vigorous sound and posture Allergic To Humans have to offer isn't much differentiated from the soulful high energy rock 'n' roll of bands who have mastered this style before, like The Hellacopters, Gluecifer and the like, with the garage punk rawness always distinguishable in a very prominent manner.

Uggly Things, deliberately rough, misspelled and categorical, shows the band's hang of an outgoing rock 'n' roll drift, and their proclivity toward dense instrumentation and very much neat production, while dealing with themes of antipathy and alienation.

Artist photo by Johan Bergmark

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