Sightless Pit: Kingscorpse

With a gloomy moniker, an unsurprisingly dark, exploratory and extreme artistic direction, and a lineup composed of beloved musicians whose art we've bounteously enjoyed through their other projects, Sightless Pit emerge as the first great and cool surprise of 2020.

Consisting of Lee Buford of The Body, Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota and Dylan Walker of Full of Hell, the new project announce their coming album, Grave of a Dog, due out February 21st, 2020, and introduce it with Kingscorpse, a frenzied track which outlines some characteristic qualities from all three contributors' previous, celebrated work, while coining something completely new and downright exciting.

With extreme metal edginess, sharp electronics and hair-raising, dramatic vocals all at once at play, Kingscorpse makes a very powerful first impression for the new band whose contributors, all three of them, are at the back of a prosperous year, having released some of the finest music of 2019.

Grave of a Dog, releases February 21st, 2020 through Thrill Jockey.


Artist photo by Jeffrey Lee Beaulieu

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