Elder: wabi sabi

Not to be confused with the stoner/doom metal band of the same name, Brisbane's Elder are a trio whose sound pushes the limits of the dreampop and shoegaze genres to a jazzier territory, appearing aesthetically intricate and more free-swinging that many of their peers.

A beautifully instrumented piece, wabi sabi is the second single from the group's upcoming album, Binoei. The song is enhanced by a superb production by Chris Brownbill and James Eyre Walker, and further elevated by an alluring vocal delivery courtesy of guitarist and vocalist, Matt Burton. "We love to perform and evoke deep feelings related to our spaces and environment and hope that others feel similarly listening to us," Matt states about Elder's objective.

The band's new album is expected in Spring 2020 through 4000 Records, and it will follow their well received EP, Cyril, which came out in late 2018. Elder are Matt Burton (vocals, guitar), Henry Reese (bass, backing vocals) and Talia Bond (drums).


Cover art by Sarah Nitson

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