Local H: Turn The Bow

Alternative rock heroes from another era, Local H, are still active and going strong, as they unveil an excellent new track off their upcoming album, LIFERS, their ninth studio full length. The album features production by the great Steve Albini, as well as contributions by the likes of Juliana Hatfield and John McCauley of Deer Tick, and it comes out April 10th, 2020 via AntiFragile Music, a little after the band's upcoming tour with fellow nineties rockers, Soul Asylum.

Guitarist and vocalist, Scott Lucas, and drummer, Ryan Harding, have kept Local H alive and busy throughout all these years through countless releases and a continuous live presence.

LIFERS draws influence from The Beatles' White Album, processed through the band's own filter. "When the re-release of the White Album came out a few years ago, I became re-obsessed all over again," Scott Lucas explains. "One aspect that really hit me about it (this time) was how it’s not really a concept record — but it feels like a concept record. I wanted to do that with LIFERS. This might be a concept record about the end of the world. Or it might just be a party record with loud guitars and cowbells."

Turn the Bow finds Local H in full on heavy guitar-driven noise rock mode, although the band cite a whole different source of inspiration for it. Scott comments:  "The Floyd influence was so strong that at one point we considered making a six song album like Meddle and this tune was going to be our Echoes and clock in at over 20 minutes long. Maybe next time."

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