Deathcrush: I Want It That Way

Principally an odd cover of a well known song requires from the covering artist to put their own original twist on what is generally considered a standard. In the hands of Norwegian genre defying act, Deathcrush, Backstreet Boys' universal hit, I Want It That Way from 1999, transforms from an accessible pop ballad to something utterly dark, vile and depraved.

The song, which was previously tested by the band on their live appearance to positive reactions, is now out as a standalone single, and it will be a bonus track on the upcoming vinyl compilation, The Single Series, which brings together previously issued singles to a singular release.

The original's mellow R&B-inclined smoothness gives way to a more industrial-prone darkness, founded on a raucous post punk and noise rock meld that's too indefinite to describe in detail.

The Single Series comes out March 13th, 2020.


Cover art by Vidar Evensen

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