WITCH FEVER: Berzerk(h)er

Manchester's Witch Fever offer a very much dynamic fusion of heavy rock and punk, and they have been consistently gaining traction due to their imposing live presence through festival appearances and headlining shows.

The band's new single, Berzerk(h)er, brings forth the best of both the unconventional worlds of heaviness and intensity, as it sounds radical and massive, while taking the term feminist punk to another level. The two-track single is easily measuring up against its influences, and expands into something in a class by itself. Berzerk(h)er and its B-side, The Hallow, find Witch Fever joining forces with legendary producer, Alan McGee of Creation Records fame, utilizing the most off the quartet's evident strengths, both wounding up at a bit over three minutes.

It's doom, punk and rock 'n' roll with embellished overtones of grunge, all feminine and riotous, and ready to take off.


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