Violet: Shiver

Consistent and impressive up and comers, Violet, follow their series of promising first singles which they've been delivering since 2017 with their debut EP, Feels Like Heaven, bringing their well formed, strongly delivered and acutely produced guitar-driven indie rock to very high standards.

EP closer, Shiver, keeps pace with the band's steadily rising reputation, and possesses all those characteristics which have helped Violet stand out as a promising new act. from the tight and multifaceted songwriting style to the expressiveness in their execution.

"Shiver was the first song that we wrote for the EP and its working title til’ very last minute was 'Big Beat', which in all fairness, is a reasonable summary of the tune," the band reveal about the new track. "It kind of was the catalyst for the whole EP and dictated a bit of a slight change in direction for us so it’s a little important to us. Got to get all 'A Day in the Life' on the middle 8 as well which was really fun."

Feels Like Heaven is out now via HolyHowl.

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