VHxRR: She Sees A Future

Vehlinggo Presents: 5 Years! is a brilliant 17-song compilation which celebrates the five year anniversary of the excellent Vehlinggo, the go-to place for everything around electronica, retro pop, synthpop and synthwave sounds. The anthology is composed of previously unreleased tracks from Anoraak, Betamaxx, Bunny X, Deadly Avenger, Diamond Field & Dana Jean Phoenix, FM Attack, Forgotten Illusions, Highway Superstar (feat. Zoe Polanski), In Mirrors, Johan Agebjorn (feat. Tom Hooker & remixed by Wolfram), Le Matos, Maethelvin, Mecha Maiko, Metavari, The Midnight, Parallels, and VHxRR. The latter are Rob Rowe of nineties synthpop act, Cause and Effect, and Von Hertzog, known for his solo retrowave releases and his collaboration with acts like Information Society.

"She Sees A Future is an apocalyptic glimpse of a world destroyed by political divide and climate change seen through the eyes of a young woman," Rowe says about the fine track VHxRR contribute to the compilation, a sharp synthpop piece infused with eighties-like appeal. "In this world, she can only emerge at night and her only solace is music. As a song comes together, I sometimes get an image of the characters or places in the song. I imagined New York City as the place and Becca Moody (from Californication) as the character. A couple of weeks after finishing the song, Greta Thunberg delivered her powerful UN speech. Since then, she has become the song’s main character."

"So much has happened," Aaron Vehling writes in the essay for the release's digital liner notes. "So many things have changed. But a sense of community, trust, and camaraderie has reigned supreme, and I’m honored to present new or unreleased songs from a slate of artists who have been important to me personally and to Vehlinggo and its global community. Their music and their friendship has moved the earth."

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