Talkboy: Hollow Spheres

Leeds sextet, Talkboy, give all current mainstream rock acts a run for their money through their bright debut EP, Over & Under, out November 1st, 2019 via Come Play With Me / LAB Records.

The band had previously shined through the exhilarating Mother and the splendid Someone Else For You, both of which are included in the new EP, and now unveil Hollow Spheres, another glowing piece of beautiful indie rocking melodiousness which at the same time stands appealingly raw and genuine.

"Hollow Spheres means an awful lot to us," the band state. "Basically, it’s the idea that, although it really does feel very bad now, you have to try to understand it won’t be like this forever. It’s inevitable that something will change and one day you will feel something different. Admittedly, it is way easier said than done. Just as a little footnote, if you’re struggling to picture a Hollow Sphere though, imagine a Kinder Surprise without the surprise and I think you’re on the right track."

Artist photo by Portia Hunt

Live Dates

01 Nov – CafĂ© Totem, Sheffield (w/ Declan Welsh)
02 Nov – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (w/ Honeyblood)
10 Nov – Fulford Arms, York
11 Nov – Jimmy’s, Manchester (w/ Declan Welsh)
13 Nov – Jimmy’s, Liverpool (w/ The Howl & The Hum)
17 Nov – The Adelphi, Hull (w/ The Howl & The Hum)
19 Nov – The Exchange, Bristol (w/ The Howl & The Hum)
20 Nov – The Grace, London (w/ Abbie Ozard)

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