moon:and:6: No Emotion

The last we'd heard from Michael Chambers aka Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist moon:and:6, was through his delectable concept album, A Brief History of American Space Travel, which came out a couple of years ago. The artist returns with a standalone new cut, well structured, richly and engagingly instrumented, and demonstrative of a direction that shows the artist's fondness for jazz and post rock.

No Emotion was originally written and released in 2018 by Chambers’ friend and frequent collaborator ttwwrrss (Sean Thompson).

"It was the melody of No Emotion that really chose the direction of the track for me," Chambers comments on the song's inspiration and creative process. "I really liked the way the angular melody seemed to jump right off of the vibraphone. The track quickly developed from there. When developing electronic synth patches, I’m always inspired by my friend Sean Thompson’s work (aka ttwwrrss), and this track is no exception. I also really wanted to try to incorporate the gnarled, syncopated drum sounds of Tortoise’s recordings into this track. The atmospheric, twangy guitar part was inspired in part by Jeff Parker (Tortoise), but also fellow Canadian guitarists Luke Doucet (Whitehorse, Sarah McLachlan) and Colin Cripps (Crash Vegas, Blue Rodeo), both of whom I love working in the studio with."


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