Silent Forum: A Pop Act

Written as a response to the critique of a DJ who described them as "too serious," A Pop Act is the newest single surfacing by Cardiff-through-London indie rock quartet, Silent Forum.

The new song once again finds the band using their cultivated influences to the fullest, and coming up with a savvy amalgamation of eighties new wave, timeless post punk and guitar driven indie rock, echoing in equal measures Public Image Ltd, the early Simple Minds, and more contemporary acts like The Horrors, while vocalist Richard Wiggins' grungy delivery has earmarks of Ian Astbury's aggressive grit.

A Pop Act comes ahead of the band's debut full length, Everything Solved at Once, which will also include previous singles, Robot, Safety In Numbers and How I Faked the Moon Landing. The album comes out December 6th, 2019 through Libertino Records.

Artist photo by The Shoot

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