Russian Baths: Deepfake

Having utilized the art of element and genre mixture to its maximum, New York's Russian Baths have been releasing a couple of singles and an EP in a very much steady and reliable manner, leading up to their anticipated debut full length, Deepfake, incoming November 8th, 2019 through Good Eye Records.

Loud and boisterous like Brooklyn's ingrained restlessness, Deepfake is an overall dark record that brings together shoegaze's edgy animation, post hardcore's angst, post rock's dramatic cultivation, noise rock's tenacity and dreampop's frailty, in the same way that it manages to mingle utter instrumental distortion with soft vocals, while sounding whole and note-perfect.

Singles Responder, Parasite and Tracks paved the way as to what to expect, showing glimpses of Russian Baths' atmospheric side, yet, the band's strengths lie mostly in their ability to manipulate feedback and jaggedness, translating the cacophony into something melodic, an attribute attempted by many, perfected by My Bloody Valentine, and got the worst out of innumerable more. Still, on Deepfake Russian Baths seem assertive and composed in what they do, and contrive a record abounding in substance and ideas, while loaded with diverse styles and sounds.

Deepfake was recorded and put together over the course of two of years, and produced to perfection by Uniform's Ben Greenberg. Russian Baths is Jess Rees (guitar, vocals) and Luke Koz (guitar, vocals), joined live by Kyle Garvey (bass) and Steven Levine (drums).

Whether its for the longer, more spacious and psychedelic-bent cuts like Wrong, the straightforward ones like the wholesome Parasite, or the more abstract and concise experimental pieces such as Detergent, Russian Baths' first harnesses the best of all these world, and never stops dazzling.

Artist photo by A.F. Cortés

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