Emma Acs: My Beloved (Lost to Begin With)

Four years after her previous album, Give In To Whatever, Danish experimental pop artist, Emma Acs returns with new EP, produced by herself and Mathias Sarsgaard. While I Shoot From My Fortress Of Delusions arrives in its entirety on January 31st, 2019 through  Third Coming Records, and it's introduced with the first single and video for the enchanting My Beloved (Lost to Begin With).

"With time love plants enormous monuments in our memory," Emma comments on the video's monuments and religious elements. "They’re intimidating and beautiful, casting frightening long shadows." The clip was directed by German director Kira Pohl, and shot in Berlin which according to Emma is "a city living in a version of the past, in a haunting way. With its many bruises, history and monuments it seemed to be the perfect stage for a love story."

With an art pop footing and utilizing elements from a large array of diverse styles like jazz and hip hop, the new song's impact lies mostly on the melancholy in Emma Arc's writing, as well as its magnificent production which brings everything together gracefully.

"Mathias picked me up, wrote my name all over his calendar so we could be in the studio. I owe him a lot. I used the studio as a punching bag for better and worse," Emma says. "He was down to be in the studio from late nights and early mornings and I needed that cause I didn’t sleep. I was really angry. Anger has always been my go-to energy source when being sad."

Change has been a pivotal factor in Emma's upcoming work, regarding both her personal life and tastes. She further explains: "Due to different events and departures in my life I was left with the feeling that I had lost everything. When your world is turned up side down, and you sit in a strange new apartment with broken dreams, you will naturally search for a new grip. I couldn’t stand anything old for a while. I couldn’t stand the music I used to listen to, I threw a lot of stuff out that while blasting trap music loudly from the speakers."

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