CITYGIRL: Hollow Future

New York's CITYGIRL was founded in 2016 by Marisa Ferdenzi at the helm of the vocals and guitar, who then enlisted Allison Jones on keyboards, while their current live lineup is completed by Matthew Leibowitz (bass), Kyle Duke (guitar) and Aaron Hamel (drums).

The band's wistful sound is firmly established on luscious dreampop with perceptively more traditional rock-bent shoegaze and post punk overtones, as well as atmospheric elements which playfully indulge in synthpop's candor.

Hollow Future is CITYGIRL's debut single, a memorable piece which brings into play the most of the upcoming group's tactful influences, and all of those essentials that comprise their potent and multifarious sound, with Ferdenzi's impassioned vocal being the standout.

Cover photo by truehorrornet

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