Caress: Love

Caress is the new solo project by Tara Jane from the LA-based shoegazers, Blood Candy, on which the artist tries out a darker direction hinting more at synthpop and darkwave, and by the sounds of her debut single, Love, it's an approach that suits both her weight and songwriting very well.

"Love is inspired by personal experiences with emotional vulnerability and fragility," Tara Jane explains. "The song lyrics are a reflection on the complications of betrayal. Musically I've always been really inspired by avant garde and 1980s dark wave, combining both of these styles with the combination of tragic lyrics and multiple synth layers I felt expressed the complications of betrayal elegantly but with lingering pain."

The new song overflows with modern goth allure in a totally organic matter, and it was produced by Chris King of Cold Showers. It's out now on Manimal Records.


Cover art by Kristin Cofer

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