Ute Root: Hey Miho

Psychedelic hard rock trio, Ute Root, came forth quite impressively last year with a fantastic single and even more imposing video for their song Ketamine Queen. The band now reemerge with a follow up a bit different, faster and more animated, yet, equally striking, while the accompanying video once again shines.

Stylized as a trailer for a b-movie from the Grindhouse era, the video for Hey Miho, directed by guitarist Matty Barker and conceived by the band themselves, is incredibly fun, bizarre storytelling and impossible to look away from, and for it Ute Root cite influence from Tarantino, Repo Man and Class Of 84, so all the right ingredients are there.

Having recently toured with the great Cosmic Psychos, the Melbourne trio this time around take a more relentless punk rock approach, showcasing their knack for high energy rock 'n' roll in the vein of The Hellacopters, with a metallic edge reminiscent of the immortal Motörhead. As the band puts it: "It's a red hot fuel-injected nightmare-ride on a road to nowhere, and you'd better hold on to your ASS!!"


Video directed and shot by Matty Barker

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