Ute Root: Ketamine Queen

Ute Root is a heavy psychedelic rocking trio from Melbourne, Australia, who managed to come up with one of the most impressive debut music videos the genre's ever seen, inspired by an uncanny real life even that took place 46 years ago.

As the band explain: "The song is written in the tongue tied jumbled language of, let's call it, an accidental drug experience on of us had......starting with that we got chatting to Larysa Kondracki while she was here in Melbourne and she offered to shoot the clip for us. What a legend that woman is. Video inspiration was really the set of photos of the 1972 Rothschild / Illuminati party which we twisted and did a lo-fi take of!"

For the record, the aforementioned dinner party included guests such as Salvador Dali and Audrey Hepburn, and otherworldly, surreal and occult imagery that words cannot simply describe (more about it via TheMindCircle).

Responsible for the amazing visual accompaniment of Ketamine Queen, Larysa Kondracki recently directed Picnic at Hanging Rock, and has also directed episodes of Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead and more.

With ample doses of punk riffage, grunge rocking grit, stoner rocking heaviness, colorful psychedelia and a bluesy base, the song is not any less impressive than the fascinating video's over-the-top visuals, and it sounds weighty and forceful, daring without ever losing its cohesion.

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